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Sewage back up is an ugly mess that presents serious health risks if handled promptly and professionally. Whether the mess is a small amount or you have sewage backup in the basement that is of considerable size, getting the area professionally cleaned and dried quickly is the utmost priority. Not only are your home and belongings in jeopardy but so is your health.

If you are facing sewage damage in your caused by broken pipes, flooding or other causes, you need the services of a professional team that can handle the sewage with the proper equipment in an expedient manner.

Sewage backup is not like other types of flooding and water damage. The water used to carry sewage contains toxins that cannot only discolor your home’s interior and leave it with an unpleasant odor but can also cause health concerns. This is not the type of situation that warrants getting out the heavy duty shop vacuum and a few floor fans. Unless the proper precautions are taken to thoroughly clean and treat the affected areas, you could be facing health issues for months caused by the bacteria left behind from the contaminated water.


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